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My name is Callum, I am years old and I am from the UK. I am currently studying Cyber Security at University and I am looking to go into the Cyber Security industry. I also have a passion for developing things and am currently working on a few projects. Also, on the side I am a photographer and I love to take photos of nature and landscapes.


Screenshot of my web portfolio

Web portfolio

I've created this web portfolio page to showcase my various projects and involvements. Being here enables me to consolidate all my work in one central location, providing a comprehensive overview of my professional journey.

Screenshot of Interactive Database System

Interactive Database System

This project was created for my A-Level Computer Science coursework. It is a database system that allows the user to add, edit and delete records from the database and was built for a game like dnd. Futhermore, I have also created another database system recently for my university coursework. This database system is for calculating the 2019 General Election results and storing them in a database. Then pulling them again to display them on a website.

Screenshot of Discord Bot project

Discord Bot

This project is currently in development as since my previous bot was no longer working due to the API being updated. I am currently working on a new bot in my free time to replace the old one. This bot will be able to do moderation things such as kick, ban, mute, etc. It also will have a few fun commands that I will be adding to in the future after the main functionality is complete.


I currently maintain accounts on both GitHub and GitLab to host my repositories. While I initially began my coding journey on GitHub and still rely on it for some University projects, I find myself increasingly drawn to GitLab. The user interface and feature set of GitLab appeal to me, prompting me to migrate my projects from GitHub to GitLab. Additionally, the fact that GitLab is open source aligns with my preferences, further solidifying my preference for it over GitHub.

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